KLUMP Plastic conveyor and processing belts for agriculture from production to packaging.


Starting with the seed, care of the fields, harvesting, processing and packaging, our products meet the versatile characteristics, such as heat resistance, ozone resistance, as well as mechanical strength, smooth and matt surfaces for unpacked and packed goods.

The compliance with the EU regulations, FDA compliance, antistatic characteristics, etc. are guaranteed; the same for the associated peripherals, such as guides, cleats, sidewalls.

Versatile processing possibilities, such as perforations and millings of belts and cleats, installation of supports on the cleats, incising of guides provide solutions for your applications.

Accessories, equipment and assembly on-site complete the service for your companies both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our branded goods guarantee you a customer safety for your products in all areas and we ensure traceability in manufacturing and assembling our belts, that’s why we gladly provide documentation for audits to your companies.