Today the company Engineer H. Dieter Klump GmbH is a second-generation owner-managed family business with over 30 years of experience. Since its foundation, the company developed rapidly into one of the leading European manufacturers in our industry, with 3 production facilities in Willich and a manufacturing facility in 2 shifts with over 110 employees. Sustainability, honesty, reliability, operational readiness and competence play an essential role in dealing with our partners, customers and suppliers.


Founding the company by Heinz Dieter Klump in the basement of his private residence in Krefeld, Germany, first as a pure trading company


Moving into rented office and production premises in the Kölner Street and beginning the manufacture of plastic conveyor belts, as well as development an installation service, hiring several employees both in the commercial and in the industrial sectors


Relocation of the company to Willich-Münchheide I to larger premises, combined with renewed increase of staff and purchase of additional packing devices


Appointment of Mario Klump (junior) as the Second Managing Director


Construction of own office and production building in Münchheide II, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str., with approx. 500 square metres office and approx. 2,000 square metres of hall space, hiring further staff and significant expansion of the machinery


Construction of a further production hall with approx. 1,000 square metres


Due to the necessary expansion of the timing belts and coating production, a 3rd production hall with approx. 800 square metres was hired in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str. (factory 2)


On 01/06/2008, we have purchased the property in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str. 15A (factory 2). Next to the previously leased space, an additional production and storage area of about 350 square metres, thus total 1,150 square metres, as well as more office space of 300 square metres were created.

It is possible by this enlargement again to increase our warehouse to 55 full rollers – partially also with new belt types.

Expansion and relocation of our flat belt assembly to the new factory II extension of storage capacity, development of new types of belts and investments in machinery were made.

To increase the production capacity, it is planned to work in 2 shifts in the future, what is connected with the creation of additional jobs.


Due to steadily rising growth in all areas of the company and increasingly scarce capacity, the company expanded in 2015 with an additional production factory.

Factory III is placed at the Hans-Böckler-Straße and in close proximity to our main factory. The purchased production hall has a production area of over 1,350 square metres. At the same time, investments in new machines were made, e.g. a fully automatic CNC machine to processing the timing belts, as well as a new wave edge welding machine with the band width of more than 2,000 mm. In addition, the production / assembly of replacement curved belts, as well as the production of vacuum belts was moved to the factory III and expanded. Jobs should be created for next 15 employees.


The development shows a steady and continuous expansion of the company. For further improvement and increasing of the flexibility and productivity of the company, we have expanded the production to 2 shifts operation. Thus, many additional jobs will be created, and we will be able to respond much faster and with more flexibility to cases of emergency and special needs of our customers.

Our company is a pure family business with over 110 employees, whose continued existence is guaranteed by Mr Mario Klump.

2000 – finished hall
Factory 2
Factory 3 – 2016/2017