Types of connection


An often underestimated, but immensely important factor in the functionality and durability of a conveyor belt is the selected type of connection. It will be individually tailored to belt quality, purpose of use and technical conditions. In such cases as reversing operation or small rollers, only fingers connections or appropriately chosen belt hooks are operating.
However, for e.g. conveyors with inflections with hold-down rollers, these connections are unsuitable. For e.g. mounting on-site with too small space for equipment, mechanical connectors, such as our patented IKLUMET connector, are optimal. In contrast to regular mechanical connectors, the ceiling is in this variant almost completely closed and no bulk material can sift through it. Pure fabric belts (IKLUFILZ) or not thermoplastic belts (IKLUPAN) are bonded conically. In addition, sewn connections, mechanical connectors welded and covered with flaps are also possible.

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2-layered level connection

3-layered level connection

Punched fingers connection

Stepped fingers connection

Short stepped fingers connection (silicon conveyor belt)

IKLUFILZ fingers connection

IKLUFILZ conical connection

Conical connection (IKLUPAN)

Polyester zipper connection

Polyester zipper connection

Polyester zipper connection with fingers

IKLUMET connection

Plastic ALLIGATOR connection

ALLIGATOR connection

Selflock connection

Nieka connection

Wire belt hook connection

Offset smallest belt hook connection

Welded/covered belt hook connection

Positive-locking IKLUFILZ finger connection
(max. Material Width 1.700 mm)