Exactly the right solution for YOUR specific application

KLUMP conveyor belts are always the right choice for your applications, manufacturing of castors of band width about 4,000 mm or wide-ranged assembled according to your requirements.


KLUMP types of connection, whether welded and sewed, made mechanically of metal or plastic, we always find the optimal solution for your application. Note also our on-site assembly service during 24-hours a day.
KLUMP cleats made of a wide variety of materials, designs and colours are manufactured order-related as standard cleats or special profiles innovatively and individually for your purposes of use.
KLUMP sidewalls are manufactured in a wide variety of materials, colours and designs according to your requirements. Special variants are possible and can be realized for band widths of more than 3,000 mm.
KLUMP guides as V-shaped profile, block profile, rectangular profile can be assembled in varied selection according to your wishes. We gladly consider special and individual solutions according to your requirements.
KLUMP cleats and guides can be manufactured in a wide variety of profile assemblies to band widths of more than 3,000 mm. You will find below a small selection of standard assemblies.
KLUMP guides and cleats can be assembled as versatile longitudinal profiles, of course. We recommend additional water jet cuttings with safety relief holes depending on the existing roller diameters.
Here you will find general information on the belt control. For further questions, we will gladly send you detailed information material or advise you personally on phone or directly on-site.
Our extensive product manufacturing range completed with special products such as continuously woven belts, elastic belts, vacuum belts, PTFE glass fabric conveyor belts, and subsequently profiled belts on request.