Curved belts

Tailor-made solutions for your machinery

KLUMP curved belts are tailor-made for all existing machine brands in all industries. We manufacture all sizes with the popular belt conveyor systems according to your specifications
or based on a submitted sample of a belt. We have for you in stock all necessary curved belt variants required of
PVC, PU, felt and silicone – even in design resistant to oils and greases and EU compliant.
Our expertise, connected with many years of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities, can be achieved in short delivery times, in case of emergency during overnights.

Round belt holders

Elastic strips

Special guide rollers


Guide rollers

size 6 and size 8

Ball bearings


KLUMP curved belts are tailor-made from one or more segments and are used in the clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Designs with an angle from 30° to 180° with various belt conveyor systems such as guide rollers, eyelets, loops, guides and elastic strips are available. Our curved belts can be manufactured in special dimensions, in the various belt qualities with a large choice of profiles on the working side. So they meet the diverse needs of each and are proven successfully in many industry branches.

KLUMP curved belts provide a failure-free operation and an efficient flow of materials. Thereby the precise adherence to the specifications of your choice is always guaranteed.

All features and benefits at a glance: